Sunday, January 18, 2009

Witch Hunt by Ian Rankin

What if the only person in the world who could answer the one question you have is a female assassin you have been tracking for years? If and when your paths cross again, will you be given the answer you so desperately desire to have, or will you not have that storybook fairytale ending? So many possibilities for Dominic Elder, who has come out of retirement to help the British police in their latest search for the woman known as "the Witch."

After making herself known to be in the area (blowing up the boat and crew who brought her to shore) all authorities are on alert. With the upcoming summit bringing several Heads of State to London to have dinner with the Queen, everyone is convinced that one of these diplomats is the intended target for the Witch. In the past, she has often followed through with the target she is given, and then once she has enough money, goes after a target of her own. Will this encounter be the same, and is her own personal target going to be Dominic Elder?

Dominic is given a chance to help educate a young and ambitious officer who is tiring of paperwork and ready to be in the field. At the insistance of Elder, the young officer is put into the field and sent on missions to find out any relevant information that was possibly missed. The young officer is greatly appreciative, but does not realize that he is in turn being used by Elder who since having retired from the force no longer has the power and insightes that he once had.

This suspenseful novel by Ian Rankin keeps the readers attention and has you trying to figure out when and where the Witch will strike again. As the story unfolds, twists and turns are presented to keep the reader on their toes and suspenseful awaiting the ending. This was my second book by Ian Rankin and I really enjoyed it.

(512 pages)
January 2009

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