Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hour 5

Here we are at hour five and I am still going strong! Sat outside and listened to the soft rain for a little while. I'm one of those people that needs it to be pretty quite when I read, but listening to the rain was so soothing and I just got lost in the story.

Here are my stats so far:
Pages: 85 more pages from Matrimony
Time: 11:03 a.m.

145 pages read
210 minutes reading
30 minutes blogging
0 books finished
1 caffeinated beverage
2 mini-challenges


Laura said...

So Matrimony is a good read-a-thon book? I have it in my stack--maybe I'll read that one next. I'm glad you are still going strong! :)

Sarah said...

You're doing great! I have to have it quiet when I read too, which is why I'm no getting much done! :P

Krystal A. said...

Your first read-a-thon is going great - keep it up and enjoy!

Eva said...

You're doing awesome! I've way ahead of you on caffeine intake, so I admire your restraint. :D

Teddyree said...

Visiting from Australia, hope you get lots of reading done and don't forget to have fun. We are on hour 17 over here and flagging fast. Not doing much reading but doing blog visits which is fun :-)

Trish said...

Kari Kari bo Bari
Banana Fanana fo Fair
Me My Mo Mari

Sounds like you'll be done with Matrimony by your next update!!

Melissa said...

Keep up the good work :-)

Happy reading!!

~Melissa @ Melissa's Bookshelf

Kari said...

*Laura - I would totally recommend it. I thought it was an intereting story and very easy to read.

*Sarah - Thanks for stopping by. I tried to leave a comment on your page, but it wouldn't let me. I love your picture of Rory from Gilmore Girls!!! The picture book sounds amazing, I have a thing for war books. You'll have to let me know what you think.

*Krystal - You should join this, I think you would love it!!! There should be another one in the fall I think.

*Eva - No worries, I have plenty of caffeine stored away, but I was trying to hold off this morning and after my little nap, I'm thinking it will be very helpful as the day goes on. Keep up the great work!

*Teddyree - I've always wanted to visit Australia! How long have you lived there?!?!? Hour 17?!?! WOW!! Keep going you're almost there!

*Trish - Love the song, very peppy! I thinking of taking a walk or something, since it's becoming a beautiful day out!

*Melissa - Thanks for stopping by!! Cheerleaders are a very important part of this!! Have you participated before?? I LOVE you blog, it's very beautiful!

Michelle said...

Reading outside in the rain sounds so nice! Are you having a great time so far? You are doing great!