Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hours 14 & 15

Took some time out to meet up with some friends at IHOP, yes pictures are included. Thanks to Krystal for coming to cheer us along tonight and for all your comments.

I didn't get as much accomplished in the past 2 hours, but now I'm back home, armed with a large drink from Sonic and ready to get back to reading. Hope everyone is having a great time and reading some great books.

Stats so far:
Pages: 59 of A Cut Above
Time: 7:42 p.m.

Totals so far:
659 pages read
610 minutes reading
115 minutes blogging
2 books finished - Matrimony, Sunday's at Tiffany's
2 1/2 carbonated beverages
2 mini-challenges
1 trip to IHOP

There is nothing like having a good breakfast for dinner :)


Laura said...

I'm so glad we met up for dinner/breakfast! Sonic--what a good idea. I have zero caffeinated beverages here at home, so I probably should have stopped somewhere. Oh well!

Good luck with your reading, as we start to get into the later hours!

Kari said...

*Laura - IHOP was a great idea, thanks for inviting me along!! I wasn't going to stop and then I started thinking how much I would probably need something so we'll see if it does the trick. I love me some Sonic cherry coke!

You're doing a great job and I know you're going to meet your goals! :)

Trish said...

So much fun!!

My mom looked at all of our blogs and said it was funny that we all like to read and have cats. :P

Care said...

I think it is just TOO COOL that you all met for breakfast! CHEERS!

christina said...

You're breakfast trip for dinner was such a great idea!

Happy reading.

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Yum! Who doesn't love IHOP anyway? Good luck with the rest of the Read-a-Thon!